Individual Returns: What You can Expect from Us?



We appreciate very much for choosing us.  Here is the quick overview of the way we'll be working with you and what you can expect from us. 

Create an Account in the Client Portal



Our secure client portal allows us to collect, process, and more importantly collaborate with you in preparing and reviewing the return. You will create your account only once.  


  • If you are filing jointly both you and your spouse will have individualized access to your account.  This is required for e-filing your tax return with IRS. 
  • You will have an opportunity to enable two-factor authentication.
  • We have a user-friendly mobile app on iOS or Android which make interacting with us easier and secure.
  • You can have one email to log in and toggle between various accounts (personal, business1, business 2, etc).

Welcome: Complete the Questionnaire and Upload the Documents


This and the following stages are repeated each year.


  • Upon confirmation of our services (specified at the time of account creation or via email), we send out a welcome email outlining the basic process.
  • We need at this stage three elements 1) your completed tax organizer/questionnaire 2) your tax documents and 3) your signed letter of engagement 


Tax Organizer/Questionnaire: Allows us to identify and address your tax situation for the year

  • You will complete the tax organizer (aka questionnaire) which allows us to identify and understand your tax situation that we must address for you.  This questionnaire can be done over time i.e. multiple sessions. 

  • You can also upload your tax documents while completing the questionnaire.
  • You will indicate completion of the questionnaire with Submit at the end 


Upload of Tax Documents: Enables us to prepare your tax return as well as identify opportunities for tax optimization in the future years 

  • You need to provide us with your tax documents such as your W2s, mortgage statements, brokerage staments, etc.
  • You can deliver your tax documents by either uploading them to the client portal or dropping them off at our office
  • You can upload them through multiple sessions and at the end of uploading all your docs, please remember to notify us that you are done with the upload. Check out this quick video for further help.  
  • List of docs to upload varies and depends on your specific situation, completing the tax organizer/questionnaire will help you identify the tax docs needed
  • If you are a new client we need your previous year's return
  • Depending on your situation we may need additional docs such as foreign account details, rental income/expense, foreign tax returns.  If you have them please remember to upload them as well. 
  • Please ensure all your tax documents are uploaded at least 3-5 days before your scheduled appointment.  


Sign your Letter of Engagement

  • Our service to you includes audit protection (a.k.a. peace of mind).  To activate our service, we request that you electronically sign the letter of engagement. 
  • For all our new clients, we need this letter of engagement to be signed before we could work on your return


Once you are done with these activities, you can schedule time now with our tax professionals. Otherwise we will reach out to you to schedule time for your review.  More on it below. 

We prepare Your Tax Return


Using the information you provided to us, we will prepare your tax return.  If we need any additional information to complete your return, we will get in touch with you via messages within the client portal.  Our goal is to minimize the number of messages send to you.  Once we are ready with your tax return, we will request you schedule a time to review your return.


We review and finalize your return.  We plan for the future!



This is essentially the final and important stage for both of us.  The Tax return is for the past year but engaging with us provides you an opportunity to get some tax planning for future years.  


  • We go over the return with you and your spouse if filing jointly. 
  • Discuss how you might plan for future years from taxes perspective.  If the situation warrants we recommend a follow-up at a later time. 
  • On completion of the review, we send a request for authorization to e-file your return along with our invoice.
  • You will be able to view the return on payment 
  • If you have any follow-up questions please message us through the client portal
  • If everything looks good you will sign the form 8879 (e-file authorization) 
  • We will file your return on receiving the signature on form 8879 and payment to the invoice.
  • You will receive communication once the return is aknowledged by IRS.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • What tax documents do you need to provide us to complete your return?
    • Our online questionnaire makes it easier for you to identify all relevant tax documents.
    • If you require filing of the FBAR, we provide you with a document template for you to complete and upload to the client portal.   
  • Why do you have to complete a tax questionnaire each year?
    • The tax laws change all the time likewise your tax situation might have changed as well.  To ensure we are addressing your unique situation we require you to complete the questionnaire.
    • For returning clients the questionnaire is often much shorter and many are able to complete it in less than 5 min.
  • What are your fees?
    • Our fees depend on the complexity of the tax return that we need to prepare for you. 
    • Our service includes tax planning as well as support such as help with IRS letters, notices, and audit. 
    • We are like Costco, we strive to offer the best service at a good price.   
  • What if you have specific preferences?
    • We try to accommodate you with your preferences such as schedule as well as in-person or online reviews. 
    • The earlier you get your documents and schedule the review it is much easier  
    • We have qualified and experienced tax professionals but at times the one you are requesting may not be available in that case you may be working with others to complete your return. 
  • Why am I not able to view my return in full?
    • We encourage you to review your return before signing the e-file authorization form 8879. 

    • You will be able to view your return in full upon payment

  • What if you have questions after your tax return is filed?
    • You can reach us anytime with any questions.  
    • Please send us a message with specifics that enables us to serve you better.